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As parents we get overwhelmed with family, household duties, personal issues, work, etc; our minds get overloaded and forgetful.  So in almost everyday news, we hear that a parent, family member or friend accidentally leaves a child in the car with serious or fatal injury.

As a parent, I have left my first born in the car, thinking he was asleep, to check the mail at the Post Office real quick, and to find he had awakened and locked me out of the car while it’s on.  As a first time mom, freak out worrying how to get into the car, hope he doesn’t put it in gear or whatever comes to mind.  From that experience, never again leave an infant/child unattended in a vehicle while the engine is running.
Now in present time, I watch the news or read the newspaper to see that individuals leave a child unattended in a locked vehicle to where the child is close to death or even die.  It is so sad and disappointing for something like this to happen to a baby, toddler or child.  For years, I had this idea for a simple reminder DON’T FORGET THE BABY and how I would place it in our car, so we who have lots on our mind don’t forget the most important precious thing in our life…our child!!

Save a Life or Simple Reminders!!!

WARNING: No reminder sticker can guarantee performance on behalf of the individual.  YOUR CHILD’S SAFETY DEPENDS ON YOU!!